We provide digital video production services tailored to the Internet and usable in more traditional venues, as well. whether you are looking for viral video, training films, campaign ads or something else, Parsec Marketing can provide you with what you need.

We also create audio tracks for radio and Internet usage as well as backing for our own video productions.

We can assist your business in creating a YouTube channel, using YouTube for marketing purposes, or establishing a podcast or a vlog.

We can even set you up with a full blown, streaming online radio station. Whether you want to broadcast music, talk, infomercials or anything else, your online radio station is a great vehicle!


layers are spending more time on-line and less on traditional media. Consequently, New Media has become an integral/challenging part of marketing operations. Increasing number of hours are spent on content creation, platform development and maintenance. With planning and technology we can optimize your efforts to function across multiple channels. 

A successful implementation of New Media strategy can be categorized into the following four areas:

  • Strategy: Development of New Media strategy and overseer
  • Analysis: Perform analysis as it relates to trends and opportunities within New Media
  • Coordination: Point of contact, distributor, and publisher
  • Creative: Copywriting, graphics and design

What we can do...

  • Transition existing website environment to CMS environment
  • Train non-technical users to upload/update web content and schedule tasks
  • Train users on search engine optimization and web advertisement techniques 
  • Provide technical assistance as applicable 
  • Provide actionable Social Media strategy & tactics


Parsec Marketing provides graphic design service ensuring that the work undertaken on branding and identity is used to best effect. We offer a full range of graphic design services that capture the personality of your business with innovative and high quality graphic design solutions that are custom made to suit our clients' requirements, creating unique and targeted promotional media.

When it comes to winning over business, first impressions are everything. High quality graphics are key to branding a successful business. Logos are the centerpiece of a company's brand. Because of that, it is vital that you work with a company that understands how to integrate what your business represents into an authentic logo.

Don't pass up the opportunity to share your company with potential clients. Our creative marketing team is always ready for a new challenge and ready to take your company to the next level! Create your company identity and impress clients with branded letterhead and business cards, promotional materials, and more.

Parsec Marketing offers professional logos, website design, marketing materials, and more to enhance your business' brand. We will work closely with you to identify your company's culture and develop images that will build credibility with consumers.